Have fun!

"Thank you for teaching this amazing class!  I had a lot of fun!"

-L., 12

"The kids had an absolute blast.  Talked about it the whole car ride home."

-Audrey, parent

"B. is really enjoying Wild Writers...his attitude towards writing has shifted in the past few weeks, and he reports that writing is FUN because of what he's learning and doing with you and the are nurturing a love for writing, reading, and expression and that's what he needs at this stage!"

-Heather, parent


"It's made me want to write more."

- B., 11

"You have been such a supportive teacher for A. and she is so lucky to have had this experience with BoCo Wild Writers.  We read [her writing] last night and were absolutely blown away!  I feel like you have uncovered a treasure in A. that she, and we, did not know she had."

-Jenny, parent

"M. initially was very hesitant to write.  But lately I noticed that it has become easier for her."

-Axel, parent

"I appreciate how Erin guides the group when commenting on each other's writings, that feedback is kept positive.  Thank you!"

- Lori, parent

Connect with nature!

"Thank you for the gift of the loving of animals."

-C., 8

"I understand nature more."

- A., 10

"The class is very good at connecting everyone to nature and all the elements it brings."

- Madeleine, caregiver

"Erin, you are so understanding, kind, smart, and encouraging.  Thank you for everything."

-A., 10

Come join our joyful outdoor nature writing explorations!